Competition Rules

Rules Pole Competition ADC


General Rules

  • Taking part in this competition is entirely at your own risk.
  • After subscribing to the competition by e-mail, you are temporarily registered. You have to confirm your registration by paying the fee per participant per act within 12 hours. If your payment has not been received on time, the next subscriber will take your place.
  • The requested picture will be used to introduce and promote you on our socials.
  • Participant fee will not be returned in case of calling off or disqualification. Not even in case of injury or rescheduling due to COVID.
  • Your place is not transferable, you cannot sell or give it away.
  • It is not possible to transfer canceled spots from our previous edition to this edition.
  • Participants sign in half an hour before the start of their block (Early afternoon, Late afternoon).
  • Participants who sign in too late will be excluded from the competition.
  • The organization of the competition will have the right to exclude participants at all times.
  • The dressing room is a restricted area for participants only. In the kids category, one parent/caretaker is allowed to accompany.
  • The stage is a restricted area for participants only. You can not take other persons or animals with you during your act.


  • Music is to be delivered to us by a separate e-mail with only your musicfile from ****** and before the deadline!
    Deadlines are defined per block:
    Block 1:
    Block 2:
    Do not send in your music before 
  • Please do not send your music in a Reply e-mail or combine it with questions!
  • You can send in your music after receiving a contestant number, these will be published on the Competition Page around September.
  • We do not accept the same music twice within a block. Have the advantage of sending your music early to not have the unpleasant surprise of disapproval.
  • There is a minimum and maximum time length for music and act that varies per category:
  • Block1:
    – Kids Beginners/ Intermediate 1, min 2:00 max 2:30.
    – Kids Intermediate 2/ Advanced , min 2:30 max 3:00.
    – Beginners, min 2:00 max 2:30.
    – Intermediate 1, min 2:30 max 3:00
    – Intermediate 2, min 2:30 max 3:00.
    – 35+, min 2:30 max 3:00.
  • Block 2:
    – Advanced, min 2:30 max 3:00.
    – Elite, min 3:00 max 4:00.
    – Duo, min 2:30 max 3:00.
    – Exotic, min 2:30 max 3:00.
    – Amateur Story, min 3:00 max 3:30.
    – Professional Story, min 3:00 max 3:30.
  • Music should be sent to [email protected] before described deadlines. Please mention your registration number (the number in front of your name on the competition page).
  • Music should be sent as an .MP3 file (minimum quality 128kbps stereo).
  • Sudden cut-offs, bad sound quality, abusive words in texts or badly mixed music will be refused.
  • As soon as we have received and approved your music, an (M) will appear behind your name on the competition page.
  • If you do not deliver your music in time, you will get a penalty of 1 point per day on your jury score.
  • We offer a service to download and cut/fade your music. This service can be requested through e-mail.
    – Send an e-mail with your wishes to our Competition mailbox, refer to Kees.
    – At receipt of your request, an (e) is noted behind your name in the list. If your request is received before the deadline for your block, you are safe.
    – The music of your choice will be downloaded in CD Quality, edited and shared with you. If you agree, the music will be put into the Competition system.
    – Fee depends on the amount of work. Estimate: Download, clean cut and fade-out € 10,-/Single song edit € 15,-/Dual song edit € 20,-.

Dress code

  • Only decent clothing is allowed.
  • Wearing only underwear or a bikini as clothing is not allowed.
  • Half buttocks, groins, breasts and nipples should be covered.
  • Sexy: your outfit can be sexy but not too naked. Thong size is not allowed, at least one fourth of the buttocks should be covered. In doubt? Send us an e-mail!
  • Classic & Sexy: No clothing is to be removed during the act.
  • Kids & Story: No clothing is to be removed during the act. It is only allowed to remove items like a skirt, cape or wings. If you have any doubts, please ask permission by e-mail
  • Dancing on high heels is only allowed for the Sexy category.
  • Neglecting these rules will lead to penalties or disqualification by the jury.
  • Clothes and jewellery that can damage our poles are not allowed. We will stop your act.

The act

  • A Truss will be placed with top and bottom fixed 45mm poles, about 4 meters high. Left pole is static, Right pole is spinning. (Seen from the perspective of the audience)
  • The whole act should be performed inside the truss. Touching or using the elements of the truss will lead to immediate disqualification. (Truss can be greasy or dirty which makes you lose grip)
  • Using attributes, with a maximum of 2, is only allowed for categories Kids and Story. Maximum size of these attributes is 1 meter in all directions. They should be easy to move. No confetti.
  • Fireworks or any other attributes that can damage the stage are not allowed. In doubt: always send us an email.
  • The use of body make-up is restricted to the Story categories and only on body parts that do not come into contact with the poles.
  • At category Amateur Sexy & Story you are allowed to use techniques up to and including level intermediate 1.
  • Teens, Advanced, Elite,Professional Story, Duo Story & Sexy are allowed to use all techniques.
  • 35+ can use techniques from beginners & intermediate + a maximum of 2 advanced techniques. You can not perform a handspring deadlift in this category.
  • You can not enter other categories than ELITE, Sexy, Story Teller Duo/Group and Professional Story if you’ve joined the nationals in the last 5 years; category ELITE or top 3 PROFESSIONAL
  • At Sexy (and all other categories) you are not allowed to make movements where you can damage the floor.
  • Using forbidden techniques will lead to penalties or disqualification by the jury. -1 per technique, per jury form.
  • Use of Stick-it and Itac is not allowed.
  • Again, neglecting these rules will lead to penalties or disqualification by the jury.
  • The jury will also judge you for an equal distribution of your act between the two poles and your performance on the ground.